Social Latitude Greenville, SC
Welcome to your childhood dreams of being an adult that can play video games
AND have adult drinks whenever the hell you want!

(we promise not to tell your mom)


What is better than an arcade? An arcade where the games actually work!

Our state of the art arcade cabinets let’s you play any game, from classics like Galaga and Ms. Pac-man to nostalgic games like X-Men and Street Fighter.

Break out your inner child and get lost in hours of unforgettable gaming.

Jet Pong

What a better way to take us back to our college days than this digital version of beer pong!

Used in both the ball capture and return, the air-blower system allows users to grab their ball as it literally hovers in the air before them!

Never seen before in the upstate, this game will have you want to be playing for hours on end as it looks and feels like the real deal.

Digital Pinball

You know what sucks about pinball…not being able to play pinball! Our Digital Pinball machines allow you to play virtually any pinball game ever made.

With paddle vibrations, shake, tilt and more, you will forget that you are not playing the real thing. And the whole breaking down every five minutes…not with these babies.

Come Play with us!

“It is also a great escape when your friends start talking about politics, religion or the person that is checking them out but in reality you are looking at the food stuck between their front teeth.”

Reserve your bays

Reservations are not required for the Social Lounge or the Arcade.